Hemp Oil Benefits-How CBD Oil Is Changing My Life

Well hello everybody its Mike here just wanted to share a couple things with you this morning I know it’s been a while since I’ve made a live video but anyway we’re sitting here in Corning Arkansas getting ready to load a load of rice at Riceland and I just wanted to share a couple things with you about some things going on in my life and in my wife’s life as well we’re pretty excited about it as a matter of fact and so we just want to share it with you this morning I been wide awake I got up this morning well-rested slept really well last night I got a good eight maybe almost nine hours sleep woke up about this morning made me a pot of coffee as usual just full of energy and this is something new that hasn’t hasn’t always been that way for me I’ve many times since I’ve gotten a little bit older I’d go to bed at night really wore out just tired wake up the next morning and be more tired than when I went to bed and just feeling lethargic feeling fatigued all day long with no energy but that’s not the case anymore and several other things going on in my life I’ve been a long-haul truck driver for most of my life adult life.

I Drive locally now but the effects of sitting in a seat riding up and down the highway from coast to coast for years had an effect on my hips on my lower back I’ve always had back pain lower hip or hip pain and that’s not that’s not the case anymore I don’t have pain like that anymore but one of the biggest things that I’ve noticed other than the energy the clear-headedness I’m fully alert wide-awake have energy throughout the day sleep well but one of the other things that I’ve really noticed is all these years is a truck driver driving holding a steering wheel with my left hand. I couldn’t move this thumb I had gotten arthritis in this thumb and had a bone spur right in the joint of it in the base of it and since I’ve been taking this new herbal supplement I can tell you that it didn’t immediately go away as a matter of fact it didn’t go away for several weeks but I can tell you now when I couldn’t move this thumb before I want you to look at how I’m able to wiggle this thumb and move it back and forth with no pain the pain is nearly all gone if I was to tell you like most doctors do when you go in to visit them they’ll say well on a pain scale of one to ten how does this feel well when I first started on a pain scale of one to ten I was a nine to ten everyday in this left thumb from holding a steering wheel all these years with that arthritis but I can sit here today and tell you honestly on a pain scale of one to ten today I’m probably a zero to one in that left thumb and that’s that’s really exciting for me same with my hips and my lower back I don’t have that pain anymore it’s gone and so you know this is something that Teresa and I are both doing she had sciatic nerve pain real bad hers is gone she was taking the proxxon daily and I mean daily I’m not exaggerating and it bothered me and that she was taking that much but now she doesn’t take any at all and the the sciatic nerve pain and her left leg is gone she told me the other day and Teresa sorry I love you but you know I’m going to tell this but she told me the other day she said you know Michael I just realized that I’m not having hot flashes anymore and you know that for a lady that’s going through you know that period of time in their life that’s that’s miserable and I’ve sat and watched her you know struggle with it and in different things but she’s telling me now that you know she doesn’t have that problem her blood pressure is back in check she had been having high blood pressure problems and and now her blood pressure is back in normal range that’s exciting but you know we just keep getting testimonies from friends I have a close friend that’s I’d say he’s probably 74 years old and I talked to him every couple days and he’s taking this herbal supplement as well and he’s just told me so many things that’s going on in his life that he feels so much better so much energy said I used to take a nap every day and I don’t do that but you know he told me one other thing that nearly made this old rough cuss here nearly cry and he told me was scheduled for surgery for back surgery and he he told me said Mike I just want to tell you something he said I used to sit and drive and my feet would swell up my ankles are swell up to where I couldn’t hardly walk he said but that wasn’t the bad part my hips and my back were bothering me so much that I was scheduled for surgery and he said I just called him the other day and cancelled that surgery because I feel good a little young lady said why are you doing that sir and he said because I’m not going to let you cut on me if I’m feeling this good so he cancelled the surgery and man I tell you what I just I nearly I nearly lost it and started crying right then and so but anyway you know if you guys are interested in what we’re doing if you’re interested in kind of seeing what’s working for us and other people and your and you and you’d like to know more about it you may leave a comment here or you may send me a personal message or text or whatever if you want to remain anonymous and private I respect that I really do and but I just want you to know this this is really helping me it’s helping my wife and it’s helping many other people so we just want to thank you for watching and you guys have a great day and we’ll be talking at you later.

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